starting my days off happy


Today, I’m just doing a short gratitude post about my drive to work. I love it. All along the way, there are interesting sights. For most of the drive, I get peeks at the bay, which changes its color from blues to grays to almost black depending on the weather and the day. You can […]

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back to our other home in nevada


I am back in town with things to talk on! This time of year is often some of my busiest days because I have the push to get whatever book I’m working on in to the publisher and it eats up time. This year though my full-time job put extra pressure on the time issue. […]

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three great days ahead!


Hey, a minute to come up for air! We’ve been busy around these here parts. Here’s the highlights: Glen and I piled into the Mini and did the long trek over to Walla Walla to get in a visit with his mama. Always good to see for ourselves that she is doing well but man […]

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summertime goodness


Wonderful things have been going on! Here’s the highlights! For starters this past week, Glen had a solo gig and the band had a gig at the Fresh Paint event in Everett that was a super hit! I just love those times that they are all jazzed up with the cool buzzing that comes from […]

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a grape time!


So many great things happening with just a little bit of drama mixed in here and there. First the drama! My sis and bil and mom and dad have been all set for a big river trip down the Rhine river in Europe. They’ve been planning it for a year! A whole bunch of first […]

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super great weekend!


Weekends, by their very nature, are usually one of the blessings of a good life in America. You put in your time during the week and you get a couple of days to rest and relax. Ha! You get a couple of days to rest, relax, do chores, run errands, chase hobbies and get in […]

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just feeling happy


I’m having one of those days where I just can’t stop smiling. Just feeling happy. Its the last day of July and the living is easy and rich and good in the way down deep kind of way. Things on my gratitude list: Family. We had a wonderful weekend away last weekend to Orcas Island […]

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some favorites!


Hi ho y’all! How about if we talk about some favorite things? I haven’t stopped long enough to do that in way too long and I’ve got stuff I am liking on starting with . . . Watermelon! Now I realize watermelon seems like nothing particularly special, at least outside of its normal special delicious […]

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hawaii love


Let’s all move to Hawaii, what do you say? That’s my vote! What a beautiful piece of paradise on the planet those islands are. I pretty much like everything about them except they are far away, a little expensive, have a three hour time difference and it leans toward humid. Big deal with all of […]

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six years!

Happy six years to My Happy Life by the Bay! Woo-hoo! It was six years ago on July 9, on my mom’s birthday, posting live from Lake Roosevelt that I made my first post! Now 1124 posts later (boy can I talk!) I am still here chit chatting away mostly to myself and my sister […]

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