lookee what we got

Just a quick little post with big news:

New baby! New baby!


Lookee lookee what we got! A new family member courtesy of my very giving niece and nephew, Ambyr and Nate. Whole world meet Penelope Ruth Thomas. Penelope meet the whole world!

Don’t you just love how precious she is?!?! So alert already and the big bow just takes her over the top. I think she looks a lot like her Uncle Tylers baby picture and he’s also a December baby!

In other news, my parents are home – just in time with little P arriving – and we are heading out of town for a weekend of frivolity with good friends in California. I love this small, busy, world where you can jet off for some fun and still get back to work on time on Monday. My sis Jen and Rod also rolled in from being in the middle of the ocean visiting Easter Island and other exotic locales. Rounding us up into one place is like herding chickens! (Borrowed that from someone and love it!)Choose joy!

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