thanksgiving week is here!


Love, love this week though it does mark that Yesvember will soon be coming to a close and I’d like it to linger. So many good things happen this wonderful time of the year. This week alone in my family we:

  • Celebrate my guys birthday!
  • Celebrate my niece Kinga’s birthday!
  • Celebrate my sis Lora and her guys anniversary!
  • And, here’s a biggee, celebrate my parents 60th anniversary! Nice accomplishment, huh?
  • And, of course, we celebrate gratitude on Thursday with the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving.




That is a lot of good stuff happening in one week! And a whole lot of good stuff has been going on all month really. We just got back from a really fun visit with my parents in Arizona where they took us on an adventure dinner for Glen’s birthday. We went to a spot called Rustler’s Roost – a sawdust on the floor, rootin tootin cowboy kind of place. Super fun and super packed! They had good food, fun atmosphere and some great live music. Made for the perfect celebration spot. It even came with cotton candy for dessert!

While we were there though, Mother Nature got herself worked up into a state and blew down half our county – including the power to 150,000 of our customers! I literally got off the plane, dropped off Glen and headed to the storm center. It took five days to get everyone rehooked up but we’re finally all good. Long days but truly, I love working at a place that provides such an important product to our customers. Electricity is so easy to take for granted – till you don’t have it. Then it bites!



Also on my good list: all four of my books have made it to the top 100 in their category on Amazon! That has been fun. I am technically now a “best-selling author!” Ha! It is gratifying though that readers are finding and enjoying the books. Makes my heart happy.

You know what else makes me happy? Gratitude! Thanksgiving! All of you! Thanks for being wonderful (and patient as my postings have been so sporadic – thank you!)

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