some favorites!

I’ve had some favorites lately. Here’s the latest!


Glen, Tea and I went out for a birthday lunch and Christmas movie yesterday. Now spending time with busy Tea is always on our favorite list but so is lunch and Christmas. Except I took us to the wrong theater which turned out so great because we got to see The Martian! I loved it! I loved the book too and I thought they did a great job on the movie. Matt Damon is perfect as the stranded astronaut and the story, to me, is so uplifting. Every person matters. Also, I am jealous of brilliant people. What a cool super ability. Go see it!!


Out of the blue, this wonderful coffee table book and really, really nice picture for our wall showed up at our place from Toby, the super duper best friend of Glen. Was that nice or what? This is a really cool coffee table book of the job they worked on together last spring in California. A total treasure. Thank you Toby!


I totally know this looks weird. These “google glasses” of a sort actually came along with the Sunday New York Times last week. You snapped it together, you download an app on your phone, you insert it in the back of these glasses and then you view a story from the paper. The difference is when you turn your head while wearing the glasses your view changes – as if you were there!! It’s a virtual reality telling of the article and it is a trip watching and hearing it. Very cool New York Times, very cool.


I LOVE potpourri this time of the year. it smells like the holiday and looks so pretty on the stove. You can get store ready but I just make my own with the spices and fruits I have on hand.


Lastly, here’s a favorite from Glen. He likes to be the chocolate reviewer and he spied these two at Target recently. Pigs n Taters candy bar!! What a combination. I mean, he had to try it – and he gave it a thumbs up! I’m still unconvinced. But he swears the flavors blended nicely. And, of course, the Grasshopper pie bar scored a thumbs up – chocolate and mint? Call it anything you want, that’s a winner!

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