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IMG_7153 IMG_1719 I’ve meant to get this posted all week but have been too busy doing all of this to get r done! Today is the day – even though its now week old news and there’s great new things to add on. We’ll start here. First on the news list: Glen got a new truck! He had his last one 20 plus years and it was time for an upgrade and boy is he excited. Love that. He got an F150 with a full backseat in a nice silver color. How I spoil him. :) Pretty nice, huh? IMG_1742 IMG_1769 IMG_1745   IMG_1755 IMG_1761 IMG_1767










We had a super fun Scary Mary Breakfast Open House on Halloween with a bunch of friends and family. We featured a Bloody Mary Bar and had so much fun seeing so many come in costume. We especially loved our little costume wearers. Savi was a minion and Desi was Cousin Eddy from Christmas Vacation. Super cute! Despite a bunch of rain it was a load of good fun. IMG_7139 And look at this adorable little Cinderella. She was even cuter in person. This is Emmalyn the granddaughter of our good friend Scott. She and her sister Avery are heart stealers. IMG_7134 Check out how cool the dining room table Glen is building for us is looking! I am getting so stinking excited about how it is coming out. I love having something handmade and especially something so great. Can’t wait to have it done. IMG_7143 And check out these earrings my talented sis gifted me with out of the blue. Love them! Aren’t they rather spectacular? I call them “The Road of Life.” IMG_7147 We got to catch up with my college roomie last weekend and her guy which is always a bunch of fun. We used to catch up on Thursday nights for dinner but Seattle traffic has killed that. But we cannot be turned away! We just switched to meeting now for Sunday brunch and this time tried out a Tom Douglas restaurant in Seattle called Etta’s. Thumbs up from all four of us. IMG_7158 IMG_7159 Then the topper for the fun times of the week might have been the visit by these two beauties. Anita got a new tiny pug puppy named Norma Bean and the girls came over for a visit. That puppy is cute in all caps! Holy smokes. I was pretty certain she was going to fight Glen for her. A real treat. IMG_7153 Our neighborhood is rich with color – including this beautiful Japanese maple in our yard which is magnificent every year and always turns colors late. And more color next door too. Our neighbor has her Christmas lights up and on! Tis the season! Love to you all!

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