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Alright Alright Alright! That’s how I’m feeling about this good life we’re living and all of you in it.

Since speaking here last, we’ve been to Austin, Texas and back. This time it was a national work conference and I am happy to brag that yours very truly walked away with three main awards thanks to my super creative and hard-working work group. Tah-dah! They always make me look good. :)


We really enjoyed Austin. Have you been? It is full of great smelling, great tasting barbeque and loads of great music. That is our kind of combination! It was a little bit on the hot side but still doable. Our good friends Toby and Corine from Fresno met us there so Glen had partners to run around with during the days while I worked away at the conference. (So not fair! :) )

They had a blast! They managed to find fun things to do every day and we all went out for some great meals each evening. Living the life baby, living the life!

Back at home, we hit the road running back at work, on the chore list, attending a friend’s conference sessions over the weekend and the best part of all, spending time with our Savanna! Glen went and grabbed her for a day out at the movies and I joined up with the cute twosome for lunch afterward. Such a great use of time.


This week, I got in a super fun happy hour club meeting with the girlfriends last night but otherwise the evenings have been all about chores and groceries and laundry and prepping for this weekend. My work groups annual work retreat is Friday at our place followed by an early morning Halloween breakfast. Not my best timing but Super T aka Tea is coming to help me get it all ready so all will be well. It’s a wonderful thing having kids you love in your life.

So that is happening Saturday and then on Sunday, well, first of all, don’t forget to fall back (when oh when will lock in on a time and give this old worn out tradition the boot?) and then Glen and I are heading down to Seattle for brunch with my college roomie. We always wait too long and I’m already looking forward to the catch up time.


Oh and my other big thing this week! Unwrapped is now out as an ebook on Amazon and starting tomorrow for three days The Search for South Pole Santa is free for three days so hop on over to Amazon and pick one up for some joy filled holiday reading. Tell everyone! I love getting to give it away.

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