healing and hauling

A shout out to my middle sis healing up from getting her gall bladder yanked out this week. Love you sis. Hope you are on the road to fast recovery. Celebrate with a big dish of something you haven’t been able to eat!

She’s not alone in her healing over there. Their quirky little Franky the dachshund is also ailing so the two have been curled up close together on the couch. So sweet. Please send him your good thoughts. We all love the little guy.

Continuing on that theme, my mom had a shot in her back this week in hopes of alleviating some of the chronic pain she has before they head back down to Arizona for a while. Then Glen was in to his doctor this week to get his hand cast removed. Goodness! Aren’t all of us something else. Happy healing you two!

But we’re all good. Banged up a little – and a little more than that for some (As Glen shared with us, after his doc took x-rays of his legs and arms, he came back in and told Glen “you’re going to want to get a punch card.” Poor guy!) Still, we live in times of modern medicine with the hope of healing and relief.

As Glen has been healing with his hand surgery he has still been busy around the house and we both are wondering how we would have got all the things done without this time having him at home.  You can’t believe all the things he/we’ve been busy with. This month he’s been point on:

  • We gutted our garage and shop area. Thirty three boxes went to good causes! We have the rest of the basement to go but we are getting very close on having gone through almost everything. So great. Now we need to loop through again and do some more.
  • Got a new refrigerator. It was delivered and the old one hauled away but it was my guy who cleaned it all out and restocked the new.
  • Got a new roof put on the flat part of our roof. It had to have the old ripped off and the new put down. Glen has done that before but this time we turned to a service but even with that, it was a bunch of work.
  • We got a new sofa! We’re enjoying it and he made it happen. All I did was pick it out.
  • He has taken nine truck loads of yard clippings to the dump! Nine! We had major trimming and clipping that had to happen. Even with his bad hand he kept at it. Took days since it was slow going with only one arm but it looks very improved. Best of all, we can see clearly again out of our front windows!
  • Got our deck all ready for the winter season.
  • He’s working on building us a new dining room table in the same kind of rustic style as our new end table. It’s going to be super cool I think in the end but he can only sand with one hand so its still “in progress.”
  • He’s done extensive homework and test driving of trucks. His truck is an oldie and a new vehicle is definitely on the list. Maybe not quite yet though. We’re still acclimating to the price tags!
  • He cooked!!! We enjoyed three days of his first stew ever and some really great banana bread. (Who is this guy?!?)
  • On top of all that, every day has brought new “honey do’s” and run around and he’s tackled it all. I have to say, I have really enjoyed having a “house husband.” Such a great hubby. It’s going to be weird having him go back to work!
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