a really great week


I have had such a good week. I mean it was just packed with great stuff! Here’s my list:

I loved welcoming in October with the rare red full moon eclipse. Wowza! What an end to September and hello to October! Loved it.

Glen and I sent 33 boxes of things from our home to the Goodwill. With love and without hesitation. It needed to be done and was way overdue and we both feel great about it. Yes, it was some really wonderful stuff and I can hardly wait for others to get to discover it and love it like we did at one time.


Welcome new refrigerator! Our old one finally chilled its last bottle of wine and water and our new one arrived yesterday. We both are already super excited about it. And ice maker and water in the door! So spoiled! And I am super jazzed about the color too.

I received three really nice notes – all from friends/online friends – about my books and asking about when the new one would be coming out. So nice of them! I had been churning about staying with it or not and why I seem obsessed to see the series through when they just aren’t read by many so kindness about them is beyond words for me.

And speaking of books, Amazon wrote this week to say Unwrapped is almost ready! Tina, my dear friend and cover artist left for England yesterday but super kindly scrambled to get the cover turned in for me so I should be seeing the new book as early as next week. Always exciting.


My super cool group at work noticed it was “National Custodial Day” today which, okay, is sort of bogus but it does help draw attention to an often underappreciated group. We all put together a bunch of great snack foods for them that hit the spot.

I had a really wonderful lunch with a friend I don’t see often. Love those good updates where conversation and big ideas just flow! And she treated! Thanks Erin!


I got my nails done, my hair done, had a super fun time with my family at one sisters watching the Seahawks game, a yummy dinner at mom/dads with one of my sisters,a great visit in with Tamy at band practice and my parents treated us to dinner tonight with my nephew, niece and little Jackson.

Seriously all of that in one week. I. Live. Lucky.

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