books for next to nothing – well, one really is nothing



Please indulge me good friends while I chime in with a promo by our sponsor. :)

Right now, this minute, December 17 & 18 you can get the ebook versions of The Search for South Pole Santa AND Sandra Claus… for just 99 cents! That is less than 1/3 the cost for one normally! What are you still doing here? Pop over to and get yourself one of each and then  . . .


Lets change the world with kindness.

Thanks for the love and support and spreading the word.

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lookee what we got


Just a quick little post with big news: New baby! New baby! Lookee lookee what we got! A new family member courtesy of my very giving niece and nephew, Ambyr and Nate. Whole world meet Penelope Ruth Thomas. Penelope meet the whole world! Don’t you just love how precious she is?!?! So alert already and […]

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wonderful day!


Thank you Universe for all that I have because I truly live a blessed life. We were a small but mighty great group for Thanksgiving this year. Just my sis Lor, my bil Darryl and youngest nephew Spence. And we had such wonderful time.   Naturally, as Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parades’ biggest fan on the […]

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some favorites!

I’ve had some favorites lately. Here’s the latest! Glen, Tea and I went out for a birthday lunch and Christmas movie yesterday. Now spending time with busy Tea is always on our favorite list but so is lunch and Christmas. Except I took us to the wrong theater which turned out so great because we […]

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thanksgiving week is here!


Love, love this week though it does mark that Yesvember will soon be coming to a close and I’d like it to linger. So many good things happen this wonderful time of the year. This week alone in my family we: Celebrate my guys birthday! Celebrate my niece Kinga’s birthday! Celebrate my sis Lora and […]

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some cool things of late


I’ve meant to get this posted all week but have been too busy doing all of this to get r done! Today is the day – even though its now week old news and there’s great new things to add on. We’ll start here. First on the news list: Glen got a new truck! He […]

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getting around


Alright Alright Alright! That’s how I’m feeling about this good life we’re living and all of you in it. Since speaking here last, we’ve been to Austin, Texas and back. This time it was a national work conference and I am happy to brag that yours very truly walked away with three main awards thanks […]

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an island to remember


Okay, we’ve been off adventuring this month and I’m behind on sharing on the where’s and whats. So we’ll start with the trip to parts nearby but a tiny bit far away. This year for our birthday’s – which happen to be in the same week – Tina and I requested our guys take us to one of […]

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healing and hauling

A shout out to my middle sis healing up from getting her gall bladder yanked out this week. Love you sis. Hope you are on the road to fast recovery. Celebrate with a big dish of something you haven’t been able to eat! She’s not alone in her healing over there. Their quirky little Franky […]

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a really great week


I have had such a good week. I mean it was just packed with great stuff! Here’s my list: I loved welcoming in October with the rare red full moon eclipse. Wowza! What an end to September and hello to October! Loved it. Glen and I sent 33 boxes of things from our home to […]

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